Injured Marine Held Salute For Hours, Then The Bikers Do This! Amazing…

#1 Sgt. Tim Chambers

This is Sergeant Tim Chambers. Every year, during the Rolling Thunder parade, he stands holding his salute for more than 3 hours as veterans pass by in their motorcycles. The parade starts at the pentagon and goes until the Vietnam veterans memorial.

#2 In trouble

Two years ago, Sergeant Chambers was standing in the middle of the parade when some veterans noticed that he was in pain and sweating a lot.

 #3 Bikers come to help

His broken wrist was giving him a lot of pain. A group of bikers came to help him and gave him water and aspirin to help him endure the pain.

 #4 A Hero

Chambers doesn’t really speak with the media, but he is considered a hero within the veteran community. Families of those who were killed in battle usually place some of their personal items in front of him during the ceremony.

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