After They Brought Her Home From A Shelter, This Cat Can’t Stop Smiling

When tiny Rey approached her future human mom squeaking, that was it. Her owner-to-be instantly felt that this shelter kitty was meant to join her family. Rey must have felt it too, she hasn’t stopped smiling since she found home!

“I wasn’t looking for a kitten by any means (we already have two!) but just had a hunch to stop by the shelter on my way home from work and found this little lady and was immediately smitten with her!” said Rey’s human mom.

“So I brought her home and it’s been perfect ever since. She’s so so cuddly and playful and her big brother and sister just dote on her and are constantly trying to groom her and play with her.”

More info: Instagram (h/t: lovemeow)


“I wasn’t looking for a kitten…but just had a hunch to stop by the shelter on my way home from work”


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