This 105-Year-Old Woman Had Only One Birthday Wish – A “Fireman With Tattoos”

Ivena Smailes just celebrated her 105th birthday, but not in the way you’d probably expect. Because Ivena asked for a “fireman with tattoos” to deliver her birthday cake, and guess what? She got her wish!

Ivena, who is also known as “Aunty Ivy,” is a resident at Addison Court Care Home in Crawcrook, Tyne and Wear, UK. Despite requesting her special birthday present, she probably didn’t actually expect it to happen… until a fireman climbed through her third floor window and presented her with a Victoria sponge cake!

“She’s got a fantastic sense of humour,” said care home worker Debra Carter. “On her bucket list this year she wanted a cake delivered by a fireman with tattoos. For her birthday last year she tried to get us to climb a tree. She always tries to find something we can’t do.” Happy birthday Aunty Ivy!

Ivena Smailes, also known as Aunty Ivy, just celebrated her 105th birthday


And she got a present she really wasn’t expecting!


“On her bucket list this year she wanted a cake delivered by a fireman with tattoos,” said Debra Carter who works at Aunty Ivy’s care home


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