15 Cats With Googly Eyes Prove You Don’t Have To Be Purrfect To Be Loved

These googly-eyed cats are proof that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved. Their little impurrfections make them even more lovable. But there’s a bit more to these eyes than just the cute factor.

The medical condition responsible for googly eyes is called strabismus. Cats may be born with it or develop it later in life due to trauma or other illness, such as cancer or inflammation of the nerves. If your kitty inherited it, no treatment is needed as it shouldn’t affect the vision of your furry friend. However, if your cat developed it, you should have it checked because it might indicate a serious illness besides just looking derpy.(h/t)

#1 Herbert Is A Little Special

#2 Snow-White Cross Eyed Cat

#3 Signal Lost

#4 My Coworkers Cross-Eyed Cat

#5 Super Derp Eyes