KFC Responds To Customers Upset By The Sign On Their Door By Saying Too Bad, It Stays

#1 This Ohio K.F.C Just Went Viral

This KFC in Ohio just went viral. They put a sign on the front door that has a lot of people talking…


#2 They’re Giving Cops Free Food

This KFC is giving free food to cops, all day every day. They are jumping aboard the #BackTheBlue trend, where people show their support for cops.


#3 Some People Are Not Happy

Some people don’t like this. Police are saying they appreciate the support, but would like to see other first responders like firemen and paramedics get the same treatment. Some people are going against the trend, as one restaurant in Virginia actually refused to serve a police officer!


#4 Most People Are On Board

The vast majority of people are supportive of this movement. KFC is standing by their sign, and they won’t take it down, they say.