15 Seriously Pawsome Things To Do With Your Dog!

If you’re lucky enough to have a dog, you will know that there is no greater thing in the world. After all, what could be better than having a cute little pub hanging around you all the time? Dog-lovers know that these pets are the absolute best. Sometimes, though, you might want to get a little creative with them. From dressing them up to finding cool ways to feed them, there are many things you can do with your dog. Here are just 15 of them!

1. Dress them up like this

We all know that dogs poop all the time, right? I mean, I think this has to be their favorite thing to do. Well, you might as well make fun of it.

2. Pop them in a bag

Transporting your dog can be seriously hard work especially if they happen to be kind of lazy. Well, why not pop them in a bag and carry them around?

3. Little dog windows for curious canines

Dogs always seem to want to know what’s behind the fence. Well, why not make things easy for them? Your dog will love this one.

4. Make some dog art!

We all know the Pixar logo, right? Well, someone decided to make it at home using their pup. This is the sweetest thing ever.

5. This cute doggy train

Is there anything better than having a load of dogs? Well, maybe having a train-full of them. I’m a little jealous.