18 Thoughts That Everyone Had Whilst Watching The Olympics

It’s hard to believe the Olympics is already over, I am gutted. I have loved every second of it, watching all the hardworking athletes achieve their dreams. Those medal ceremonies get me bawling my eyes out. But watching the games did make me reflect a little bit on my own life…here are 18 thoughts everyone had at least once, during the Olympics.


Oh my gosh this is literally the most important moment of someone’s life. Damn.


One wrong move and that’s it, four years of hard work down the drain I can’t even deal with this.


Aw, he looks friendly I’m going to root for him.Just look at his little face.


Wow some of these athletes are so beautiful…and talented.


And now the North and South Korean gymnasts are taking a selfie, look at all the people hugging, look at how WONDERFUL THE WORLD CAN BE!