20 People Who Will Never Forget To Wear Sunscreen Again

When you were younger, there was one thing that your parents would always tell you to do… WEAR SUNSCREEN. It might sound like a boring, naggy thing to talk about, but not wearing it can seriously damage your health. You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it… So, why is it that some people still forget to slather that stuff on, eh?

1. These baked legs

It’s hard to look at this one without mentally saying, “OUCH!”

2. This looks painful

This poor girl needs some aftersun on her skin pronto. It looks like this really hurt.

3. YOLO!

This is a hilarious joke… NOT. This is not funny and must have really stung at the time.

4. This bikini blunder

You can actually see where this girl’s bikini straps were. She really should have worn sunscreen.

5. Another bikini mark!

When heading out on Spring Break, you should always make sure you pack your sunscreen.