20 Funny Fruits And Vegetables Looking Exactly Like Something Else

Nature is the most talented artist in the world. Its creativity has no limits and it always has new amazing works of art to show. We will focus in this article on its sculptural art made of different fruits and vegetables.

Have you ever met nose to nose with a “Pinocchio eggplant” or melt your heart looking at two “jackfruit lovers” hugging each other or a cute “lemon baby elephant”?  Well, if you still haven’t, we are sure you will become a fan of the amazing artist called “Nature” after seeing these 20 fruits and vegetables looking like animals, people and body parts.
(h/t: brightside)

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1. Pinoccho eggplant

2. Caught in a bad romance

3. Lemonphant

4. Run radish run!

5. Foot-shaped radish