20 Times Brands Got It Absolutely Bang On!

Advertising is tricky to perfect. You have to appeal to everyone, and grab their attention. Otherwise it’s just ineffective advertising.

While many companies often fail to come up with well executed and funny advertising campaigns, there are some companies that nail their advertising campaigns. We’ve all seen them every so often, either on the street, or on our social media news feed. They’re effective, funny, quirky in all the right ways, and just brilliant. The people who came up with those advertising campaign seriously deserve an award.

Here are 20 odd but effective ads that will make you all go wow!

1. Ariel

While the poster doesn’t look that appealing the colour of the wall behind it defiantly is. It’s almost sparkling white compared to the rest of the wall. What better way to show the effectiveness of Ariel then by doing that!

2. Kit Kat

Now you really can have a break and a Kit Kat, it’s a two for one for this ad. Though I’d be half tempted to eat the bench.

3. Nike

Nike removed the bottom bench from some park benches, reminding you to push yourself. Harsh, but effective.

4. Law and Order

They’re really making the best with what they have with this ad. It looks great!

5. The Economist

The Economist gave passerby some brilliant ideas. I just hope they were energy efficient light bulbs.