These 11 DIY Shoe Storage Hacks Will Save You SO Much Space In Your Closet

Every woman loves shoes! Whether you are a sucker for stiletto’s or prefer to purchase pumps, I know you are saying ‘shoes, shoes, more more shoes’ every time you go shopping.

For me, it got to the point where they were literally spilling out of my closet. It was being a little bit silly, if I’m honest. I needed a new place to store my shoes but with the house being pretty small, space was tight and I couldn’t afford to buy a bigger closet.

Take a look at these nifty DIY shoe hacks that will leave your closet with plenty of room, for dare I say it? MORE SHOES!


Got an old ladder out in the garage? Before you consider throwing it in the trash, turn it into a trendy project! Sand the wood and then paint the ladder a fun color and once dry, you can hang your pumps from the ladder rungs easily.Perfect!


The space under your bed is never used for anything useful, so why not fill it with shoes? These pallet racks are easy to make from reclaimed wood and won’t take up any much-needed space in your bedroom. It’s neat and saves sooo much space!