15 People Who Lost Control Of The Razor & Completely FAILED At Shaving

We think shaving is pretty straight forward, right? We use a razor or hair clippers and we only have one intention – to get rid of that hair.

These crazy people however, had different intentions when they set out to shave. They wanted to get a little more creative than most of us do. From eyes in the backs of their heads to batman on their chests – these guys got a little too technical and maybe their artwork should stay on paper – rather than their bodies.

Lets take a look at some of the worst shaving fails you’ll ever see.

1. A full circle

This guy wanted a moat around his face, you know for protection?


2.  Easy tiger

I bet his mom will love having this yearbook photo in a frame…


3. I think you missed a bit

I like your side burns…I mean, everybody needs side burns.


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