30 Tiny Animals In Tiny Sweaters That Will Make You Go Aww

With winter around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay warm during those long dark months until spring. But it isn’t just us humans who need to start stocking up on cold weather essentials. Animals also need to take care of themselves, there’s no better way to stay cosy and snug than with a nice warm sweater! The list below showcases some of the most stylish, the most chic, and, yes, we admit it, the most ridiculous animal sweaters available.

#1 Unbearably Cute Hamster

#2 Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Tiny Sweaters For Injured Penguins

#3 Sleeping Piglet In A Tiny Sweater And Little Socks

#4 Teeny Tiny Snail Sweater

#5 Sweater Buns