10 People So Dumb They’ll Make You Feel Super Smart

Okay, so we aren’t all super smart but I like to think most have us have some common sense at least. Unfortunately, not all of us do. In fact some of us are pretty darn stupid. I know 10 people who fit this description anyway…
We are all guilty of doing dumb things, heck I’m always doing silly things, but these people take it to a whole new level, and it actually hurts.

Are you ready to see 10 of the dumbest people on this earth? Be prepared, these are BAD…

1. I never knew women grew breasts on their back?


2. Helmet is essential for a stationary bike in the gym…didn’t you know?


3. One day, we will learn not to drink from the bathroom…


4. That’s it. Christmas is ruined


5. Just a little crab grass. You can cover that up …


Continue to the next page for more. These get even WORSE so if you aren’t laughing now, you will be in a moment…

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