These Are The Top 11 Things That Drive EVERYONE In The World Totally Insane

If you’re a perfectionist, a neat freak or just like things to be done properly, then these pictures will frustrate the hell out of you.

These images below prove just how annoying people can be when they refuse to do things properly and make things hard work for everyone around them. Beware: These will annoy you.

The images were posted on Imgur with the hilarious title, ‘People who may annoy you’ and believe me, they will certainly do that.

Shall we take a look?

1. We know nobody likes taking the trash out, but seriously?

The annoying yet totally belly laughing images have been viewed over 174,000 times and it’s spurred others to share their own stories.

One person commented saying: ‘I saw a guy on a bus who took up three seats, wore sunglasses (so he could stare at people) and I could hear his headphones. Literally satan.’ says the Daily Mail.

2. It’s a close call – I hope whoever gets in the passenger side is thin!


3. A cruel tip3973d32400000578-0-image-a-3_1476711744086

4. He does not have 15 items…3973d31f00000578-0-image-a-4_1476711749962

5. Those people who refuse to take their cart back…


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