These 15 Animals Will Disabilities Prove They Are Just As Adorable & Lovable

It’s easy to get bogged down with first world problems. There is nothing on TV, the internet isn’t working, you have no snacks in the kitchen, but these little animals will make you think twice before you complain again…

These animals have a pretty difficult life, they actually suffer some pretty bad disabilities and don’t get to run around the park, play fetch and enjoy their lives like regular animals.

Take a look at these adorable, disadvantaged furry friends and your heart will totally melt…

1. Mooch only has one ear, but he still needs it strokingdesktop-1477848681

2. And this cutie named Beans must be his other half!


3. Indi was attacked by a street gang, but a kind monk saved her life. Today, she loves running in the grass in her brand-new wheelchair.desktop-1477848791

4.  This tiny rescue pig has a pretty cool set of wheels, too!desktop-1477849190

5. When this goldfish had trouble staying upright, his owner made a tiny “wheelchair” out of a wine cork. How adorable!desktop-1477849410

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