Adorable Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Make Their Boyfriends Go Crazy

#1 Sweetness

When a girl tells her man that she loves him out of the blue, it makes him get all warm inside. Little things go a long way. A simple act such as asking how is day was or giving him a hug or a kiss will bring a smile to his face and make him happy. He will treasure each of these moments for a very long time.

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#2 Take Care

When a woman takes of her man, he knows that she really loves him and he reciprocates it. Women tend to love remembering things like anniversaries and birthdays. Making a big deal out of these events will tell him in a subtle manner that you care. Actions are always larger than words and a woman who pays attention to little details about him clearly cares for him and will make him go crazy

via: zeppfeed

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