Soldier Weeps In A Dress At The Funeral Of His Friend After A Bet He Made In Afghanisthan

#1 War Claims So Many Lives

Death is something everyone must accept at some point in their lives. But soldiers often must accept it more regularly, and sooner than other people. These young men often watch as their friends die in droves around them, and it takes a real toll on them that cannot even be imagined by those who have never fought in a war. Out of these tragic circumstances comes a story that will make you laugh or cry, or maybe something in between. It has touched thousands of people so far.

via: theguardian

#2 Meet Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott was a brave young soldier fighting in Afghanistan for the British army. While those around him were confronted with the possibility of death every day, he maintained a positive outlook. While his fellow soldiers grew miserable at the possibility of death, he made a huge effort to cheer them up, by reminding everyone that it was still possible to maintain a sense of humor. It was one of his famous jokes that resulted in his best friend wearing a dress months later…

via: theguardian

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