Why Are People Tying Scarves Around Trees This Winter!? A Heartwarming Trend Is Taking Place.

As the winter is arriving, something different and strange has been happening all across America. A very heartwarming trend is taking place this winter. Woolen Scarves and Hats are suddenly appearing tied around tree trunks every where, some places the whole parks are decorated with these scarves! Maybe you’ve seen something like this around your neighborhood. But what’s the real meaning of all this? Read on to find out more about it!

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As we all know 2016 hasn’t been kindest of the years, but you can see it’s ending with a sweet and thoughtful note!

Some very kind and thoughtful strangers are tying scarves around trees and leaving hats around parks for nation’s homeless population or for anyone who really need a little warmth this season.

Besides from exploring closets and finding donated scarves, many of the people have even started making their own to contribute to this amazing trend.

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