12 Images That Might Scare You, But Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Sometimes, we need a good laugh to get us through life, but often the things that might make us laugh can be fairly inappropriate. In that spirit, we’ve put together twelve images that might scare some people but will make all of you laugh.


Okay, so this is scary because it shows us that our eyes can be manipulated in so many ways, but it’s brilliantly well shot. Plus, anyone who has Bob Ross’ hair is funny by my standards. I wonder if he can do a spot on impression.


Could it be true? Have the Illuminati got so widespread that they’re now using young women’s belly buttons as a way of spreading the logo and message? It’s just crazy enough to be true.


This one is great. That being said, it is also a reminder that one of the most enjoyable things that we can do on this planet is riddled with horrible possibilities. There’s nothing like that kind of reminder


Mate, I am definitely going to be doing this from now on. There’s literally no downside to this either. Once you’re done eating you can just push your hands under the water and let the water pull the chicken crumbs from your fingers.