Rude Crowd Start Laughing During Military Memorial, Until One Soldier Teaches Them A Lesson

Whenever you are attending any type of memorial, regardless of who the individual is, it is vital that you respect the wishes of the family, or the people around you by remaining silent. This should be a commonly known etiquette, and for most people they wouldn’t dream of being disrespectful during a memorial. But a few members of the crowd in the video below, unfortunately had to be reminded to have some respect.

The Tomb of the Unknowns is a monument dedicated to American service men and women who have tragically died, without their remains being identified.

via: auntyacid

When visiting this memorial, it’s incredibly important that guests remain silent and respectful at all times.

As shown on this video, which has had over eleven million hits on Youtube, the man who is carrying out the memorial service actually has to step in and do something in order to teach the rude crowd a lesson.