Struggling Mom Sits Down In First Class With Crying Baby, But The Woman Next To Her Furiously Starts A Fight

We all know how much of a struggle it can be when you are boarding a train, especially when you have a child. With the narrow aisles and lack of legroom, it can be hard for moms to get access to their correct seat.

Because she was traveling with a baby, the mother had believed that she was a priority passenger, so she felt that she should be allowed to sit in the first-class priority seat. The woman wasn’t impressed.

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The elderly woman tells the mother, “I don’t want a screaming baby.”

The upset mother responds, “He’s not screaming; he is behaving better than you.” As the two women argued with one another, other passengers joined in — some believing the mother was in the right, but more people yelling at her to leave her seat.

Eventually, someone from further down the aisle in first class offered the mother a seat. How kind is that? The upset mother agreed and was keen to get away from the abusive.

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