She Had To Take 7 Pregnancy Tests Before The Doctors Discovered The Horrifying Truth

#1 Excruciating Pain

Louise Bryant is now 27. She’s from Kent, England. When she was 25, she started to feel shooting pains in her stomach, also experiencing back pain, bloating, pressure on her lungs that made it difficult to breathe, frequent urination, and abnormal bleeding between periods. Her doctors always thought she was pregnant.Over the course of 12 weeks, she was asked to take seven pregnancy tests to rule out the possibility.

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#2 Seven Preganancy Tests

Lousie was sure she wasn’t pregnant: the tests always came out negative, and the suffering went on. So she insisted she needed answers. Ultimately, an ultrasound showed that she was right. She wasn’t pregnant. But she did have something in one of her ovaries.

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#3 A Tumor The Size Of A Small Soccer Ball

There was a soccer ball-sized tumor that had been completely covering her ovary. In a four hour operation, doctors at Maidstone Hospital in Kent successfully deflated and removed the 20cm tumor along with her right ovary and fallopian tube.
The biopsy revealed that the tumor was a grade two immature teratoma – a rare type of ovarian tumor.
The operation has been a success, but Louise will continue to be monitored closely in case the cancer returns.