How to Treat Ingrown Nails..This Method Will Rid You From Unbearable Pain

Our nails are quite hard to maintain as they tend to be brittle and grow in weird shapes. We need to get mani-pedi to make our hands and feet look better. But what about ingrown nails? They look very unattractive and are so hard to remove. Especially the toe nails grow so weirdly that their pointed edge gets stuck into the skin and a wound can occur, which causes immense pain. Even though, it can happen to anyone, females are more prone to it. It can lead to infection in diabetic patients and thus, must be taken care of.

Just like a pedicure.

The first step is to soak your feet in hot water for about half an hour. You can add some salt to the water as it would lead to extra softness of skin.

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Keep the tools handy.

Arrange some cotton ball, clippers, and some narrow tweezers and start clipping your toenails. Along with it, clip off the ingrown nail as much as possible.

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