Man Gives An Absolutely Genius Answer To A Tricky Interview Question

It is always an interesting experience to go for interviews. From the time a person gets to interviewers office to the time he or she leaves the office, there are many things that go in minds of both interviewer and the candidate. From an interviewer’s point of it is important to hire the best possible person who will meet the relevant criteria of the job. Apart from this they also look for a person who is smart, intellectual and spontaneous in answering tricky questions

Tricky questions can get you to your dream job as your answers to these questions speak a lot about your personality and your attitude to handle the complicated situations. While the answers to these kinds of questions are not definitive, a man handled one such question in an interview quite brilliantly. Scroll down to know his perfect answer :

This Can Be Really A Tough One To Answer.

Imagine if you were asked the same question in an interview, or better still can you imagine yourself in this kind of scoop in real life?

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It’s A Complex Situation

You will feel that you want to help the dying lady but at the same time you want to return favour to your friend and oh my, why only today your dream man or dream woman was to appear in front of you. It’s a difficult situation.

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