“Oh No” Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life As An Adult

UK-based artist Alex Norris is making comics cool again with his “Oh No” series, a gloriously awkward take on life’s realest struggles.

These 3-panel wonders, uploaded to a page known as “Webcomic Name”, started appearing on Tumblr over the summer. The star is a little pink blob who faces everyday challenges and annoyances, from social anxiety to dirty contact lenses, but fails in hilarious ways and hits us with its trademark punchline – “oh no”. Their simplistic presentation makes them both relatable and hilarious.

The comics also collectively tackle a huge social issue – gender. “Rather than being either a male or a female or neither I like to think of the blob as everything at once: “genderful” rather than genderless,” Alex told Bored Panda. “The blob is the most relatable character possible.” This means that readers of all identities can happily access its unfortunate adventures.

Maybe one day this silly blob will get its life together, but for now, enjoy some of its funniest mishaps below.

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via: Alex Norris


via: Alex Norris


via: Alex Norris