11 Dads Who Didn’t Want The Dog At First

Most of us have heard a dog called man’s best friend, and we may have seen the reason why in our own lives or the lives of those who are close to us. It seems as if many dogs simply wind their way into our lives and around our hearts. At times, they may even be able to win over the coldest of hearts, and those who were reluctant to have them in the first place.

When somebody says they don’t like dogs, they usually have many reasons why that is the case. In many instances, it is the father of the family who is reluctant to have a dog around. They may feel as if they are going to be too much responsibility or all of the work is going to follow them. As you are about to see, however, it doesn’t take long for the dog to works their way into the dad’s heart and becomes a real part of the family.

1. My dad said he didn’t want a dog

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2. My dad said she wasn’t allowed on the couch

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