If You Cry During Films There Is Something You Need To Know

More than likely, you have experienced crying at a film at some point in your life. Unless you have psychopathic tendencies or were born without a heart, it is likely that you have shed your fair share of tears because of something you saw in the film. Some people get embarrassed and don’t admit the fact that they are crying but regardless of whether it happens on rare occasions or if it happens every time you see a film, it’s sure to take place.

Hollywood loves making us cry, and there are many films made to get an emotional response. At the same time, however, many films are sad because of the subject matter and they may touch our heart for that reason as well. If a film has the ability to bring many people to tears, it is considered a success.

It doesn’t matter what the motivation of the film industry is for making us cry, you should not be embarrassed or ashamed to admit that you did it. The social majority may say that crying is a sign of weakness, but the opposite is actually true.

Those who cry at films have been found to be more generous, caring, emotionally intelligent and empathetic when compared to those who rarely cry or don’t cry at all. These traits make those individuals emotionally stronger and more expressive. In addition, crying helps to relieve tension and stress so criers are healthier people.