14 Petty But Hilarious Pranks to Play On Co-Workers

Same thing, day after day; same people, week after week. Nothing to look forward to apart from retirement, and maybe another day like that one time when there was a bee in the office. Yup, unless you’re a smoker with a job at a firework factory, work can get pretty boring. We all need a little livening up in our workplace, so maybe everyone would enjoy a little prank! Since you’re bored, you might find yourself taking your little jokes to amazing levels of pettiness, just like these folks! Join me as we count through 14 Petty But Hilarious Pranks to Play On Co-Workers…

Spider Prison Break

This is the calling card of a true evil pranking genius. It’s a simple, innocent prank that doesn’t actually hurt anybody involved. But then try sitting at your desk without feeling slightly uneasy for the rest of the day.

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Harmless yet amusing

How long you get away with this depends on the person using the mouse. If it’s somebody who is not exactly a technology wizard, you could probably fool them for a whole morning! Choose your target wisely!

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Did you notice the box monster during stocktake?

You don’t have to work in an office to get in on the fun! You can prank people pretty much any work place, any work time! Just remember, practically anything can ‘come alive’ like this… so get creative!

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Oh no, another innocent steamroller victim!

See? These folks don’t work in an office either, and it doesn’t stop them from having fun!

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