Two Spoons Of Coconut Oil A Day Can Entirely Transform Your Brain!

Alzheimer’s is a truly crippling neurological disease that affects not only the patient afflicted, but the friends and family of the patient too. It’s a slow, painful progression into immobility, depression, forgetfulness, and an increased dependency on others for basic care.

So, when pediatrician Mary Newport discovered her husband had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she wanted to find a way to help him – in the healthiest and safest way possible.

via: survley

Mary’s husband was slowly progressing through the stages of Alzhiemers. He was losing his ability to care for himself, unable to handle cutlery or feed himself without assistance. He’d forget to pass messages along to his wife, sometimes not relaying them for days at a time, or not at all! He grew increasingly confused and agitated.