Wife Surprises Husband At Work, Finds Even BIGGER Surprise, Then All Hell Broke Loose

#1 Lunch Time

Texas resident Shazetta Jackson-Pickett planned to surprise her husband at work, but not so they could lovingly head to lunch together. Instead, she wanted to speak with her man regarding the marital issues they were having!

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#2 Caught Him!

When she arrived to husband Chester Pickett’s job, she noticed there was another woman there to visit him as well! Shazetta immediately went off on Chester for cheating, realizing the woman was more than just a friend! She ran off to the car to get her gun, planning to kill herself at his job.

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When she walked back inside Chester’s work, she noticed he was on the phone with someone. She became so enraged that she pointed the gun at him instead, closing her eyes before pulling the trigger.

via: whenlovewasreal