Feather Brows Are The Latest Trend And Everyone Is Getting Very Excited

Fashions have changed so much over the last 20 years or so, it is difficult to keep up.

One thing that women have never really been able to decide on is what makes the perfect eyebrow. Personally I just let mine grow and forget about it but many girls these days are trying out lots of different looks.

The latest trend sweeping the web is “feather brows”.

This week, Instagram make up artist Stella Sironen,  shared an image on Instagram with her eye brows all brushed out saying it was the latest trend. She was actually joking but the internet has taken it seriously and she has become an internet sensation overnight.

Here is the look everyone is talking about.

#1 She clearly has lots of skill.

via: auntyacid

#2 They look like amazing feathers on her face.

via: auntyacid

#3 Some of her previous looks are also pretty amazing.

via: auntyacid