15 Tender-Hearted Firefighters Risking Their Lives To Save Animals

It’s too bad the animals can’t come straight out and say “thank you,” but– in many of the images– their obvious gratitude shines through.Below are 15 heart-warming and sometimes heart-wrenching images of firefighters around the world saving assorted pets and wildlife from all sorts of life-threatening situations.

#1 This tabby is too terrified at the moment to properly thank his rescuer.

via: boredpanda

#2 This dog found refuge in a rescue boat after his rescuers pulled him from an icy pond.

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#3 This firefighter provided water to a thirsty koala caught in an Australian wildfire.

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via: shareably

#4 A firefighter provided oxygen to this poor goose in Arizona.

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#5 This pooch is obviously now in very safe hands!

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