Guy Sucks At Photoshop, Spends 10 Years Mastering Microsoft Paint To Illustrate His Book

While we struggle to draw a decent house on Microsoft Paint, this genius has already illustrated his entire book mastering Paint over the period of 10 years.

As long as we have a learning curve, we are doing fine.

But there is another guy who is doing more than fine. The man who tried his best to learn a complex drawing software eventually gave up on it. Then he started with a basic tool to draw and paint, he mastered it and now he’s killing it with his command over the tool.

Pat Hines, who couldn’t be bothered to learn Photoshop and illustrated his ebook using good old Microsoft Paint, is the proof. “I suck at Photoshop and other programs, and have worked exclusively in Microsoft Paint for over ten years… I honed my craft working long overnights at a hospital reception desk…,” the guy writes. That’s why when it came to choosing the program to create illustrations for his novel Camp Redblood And The Essential Revenge, he looked no further and just went for something he was already good at.

For those who might carry doubts after seeing these extremely amazing illustrations, Pat Hines suggests them to either download the pictures, and zoom in for a closer look, or go to his Deviant Art page where he documents how he makes similar art in step-by-step pictures.

Pat Hines says his self-published e-book is about a summer camp set in the 1980’s. Of course, it’s not just any ordinary camp – it’s surrounded by ghosts and monsters and “filled with goofy campers and counselors, where the teenagers are always trying to get drunk or laid…”.

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