Woman Wears Her Engagement Ring For Entire Year Without Even Knowing It, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

One unsuspecting woman was wearing her engagement ring for over a year without even realizing it.

How exactly is this possible, you might ask? It all started when an Australian man named Terry made his girlfriend Anna a necklace out of Huon pine ― a wood native to Tasmania  ― for their one-year anniversary in 2015. Unbeknownst to Anna, Terry had hidden an engagement ring inside the necklace.For a year and a half, Anna wore that necklace almost every day without knowing there was anything, let alone an engagement ring, inside.

When the big moment came to finally reveal it, she was in shock. “Wait… It’s been in there the entire time? I could have lost it, you f*****g idiot,” Anna reportedly gasped. Terry photographed the whole thing and created a heartwarming video montage of his photos on YouTube.

It is one of the most creative proposals this year.

Meet Terry and Anna recently got engaged after more than 2 years together

For their 1 year anniversary, Terry made a necklace for Anna out of Huon pine, a Tasmanian wood

Anna wore the necklace almost every day, unaware the whole time what her sneaky boyfriend had done with it

Inside the pendant, a proposal lay in wait.

At right moment, Terry cracked it open with a knife, and made his move

Anna’s initial reaction was shock – I could have lost it, you f*****g idiot!”

The proposal took place at Smoo Cave in Scotland, smoo ironically meaning ‘hidden’ in Old Norse

Congratulations Terry and Anna!

See the heartwarming video below: