What Women Over 200 Lbs Shouldn’t Wear In Public? This Girl Has The Perfect Answer

When it comes to body shaming, we should all take an example from Sara Petty – the girl who doesn’t care what mean people say about her body.

Petty saw many tweets by Body-shamers about women over 200 pounds shouldn’t wear leggings, crop tops, bikinis, and booty shorts, Petty wore is all and tweeted pics with the caption: “Girls: Wear whatever the hell you want.” And you know what? She looked freakin’ beautiful in every single outfit!

Petty’s tweet has gone viral since with over 119k likes, 103k retweets, and tons of people sending messages of support and thanks for being body positive.

#1 Booty Shorts

via: Sara Petty

#2 Bikini

via: Sara Petty

#3 Leggings

via: Sara Petty

#4 Crop Tops

via: Sara Petty

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